Although we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services at all times, there are some instances where our quality may be questioned and challenged because of a fault with the paper delivered. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of work we do for you, we will do everything possible to rectify the problem and deliver our original 100% satisfaction guarantee. At, it is our goal to keep you happy and as such, we offer the following guarantees:

Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee is a safety net for our customers. When you hire a writing company to complete a specific academic paper, you are seeking the best; someone who is professional with what they do. The writing company you hire will set the tone and create a path for your future. It is therefore imperative that you hire the right company. But how do you know which company will deliver on their promises of success?

There are a number of attributes to look for and their money back guarantee says it all. There is no business on earth that likes to lose money and if we are offering a money back guarantee, this means that we are confident in our abilities and the services that we offer. (See our full money back guarantee here and how to file a claim if you should ever be less than 100% satisfied with the services we deliver)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here we have 90% of our customers returning to us for future services, simply because of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves at delivering the highest quality work at all times; however, if our work falls below your expectation and ours, we will not rest until the problem is resolved and you are satisfied.

This satisfaction comes through our on time delivery guarantee, our privacy guarantee and of course, our revision guarantee; fixing any problem that you may have with the writing services we deliver.

When you place an order with, there are a number of promises that we make.

  • We promise that your assignment will be done by a Masters or Ph.D holder in the subject area of your choice.
  • We promise that your paper will be delivered on or before the specified due date.
  • We promise to keep your personal information strictly confidential. This information is never shared with anyone and our writers will never know who they are working for.
  • We promise to revise your paper, per your request, if you are not 100% satisfied with the work that was delivered. Simply contact us within 3 days after you have received your paper and request a free revision.
  • Our guarantee gives our customers an extra sense of comfort, which means that we will never change and that we will also always deliver on our promises.