Great effort has been placed into the services that we offer. We however do not promise our clients a specific grade or any other result as it pertains to the services that we offer. The result that is achieved from the services we offer is your responsibility; however, we will do what we promise and that is to provide the best services in the area of academic writing.

Testimonials found on our website reflect what one person have accomplished and does not reflect the overall results and expectations for all customers. All results are different and are determined by each individual’s specific requirements and instructions.

Acceptance of our terms and conditions is implied once you have placed an order with (Company Name) and we will not be held responsible because of failure to fully read and understand our terms. If you do not understand something, send us a message through our 24 hour messaging system and we will clarify any problems you are having. Please do not submit any order until you are clear on everything because once an order is made, it shows that you understand what you have read.

Agreement to Pay

Once you have accepted our terms, it is an indication that you are ready to make final payments and a charge will be made to your credit card or other specified payment method. We will not be held responsible for charges made by accident on your part. If an order was made accidentally, contact us immediately and we will have the matter dealt with.

Cancelling an Order

If for any reason you want to cancel your order, please send us a cancellation request. This request must be made before the paper is assigned to a writer. Once the paper has been assigned, we hold the right to place full or partial charge to your account. Each cancellation request will be reviewed on an individual basis and we hold the right to reject a cancellation request, if the cancellation is being requested because of failure to comply with our terms and conditions.

Meeting Delivery Deadlines

While we promise to deliver all our works on time, we reserve the right to deliver work late, if you, the customers failed to provide us with the required instructions and guidelines within the given time frame as it is specified in our Terms and Conditions.

We will always try to contact customers if there will be a problem with the delivery of their work and that is why, we cannot emphasize enough, the importance of providing correct and valid contact information.